What We Do

Changing the Game

The Mortgage Collective™ was created to fill a demand for new approaches to fostering business relationships, engaging in honest dialogue and innovative ways to tackle the industry’s evolving operational challenges.

Our networking and thought leadership events are designed to build relationships and consensus among the sponsors, solution providers and the operational leadership of the industry’s various investors, lenders and servicers to drive industry change. With the addition of the Solutions Group, The Mortgage Collective™ offers a singular industry source that is able to combine service offerings from various best-in-class industry service providers to deliver a unified, component-based outsourcing solution.

This offers more nimble and more responsive solutions that provide a greater breadth of technology and process by combining the core strengths of each company. Approaching the market this way enables The Mortgage Collective™ to provide the best solution at a competitive price with bundled services, while allowing the group’s clients to benefit from volume pricing even when the volume is low.

Core Focus

The Mortgage Collective Provides New Approaches To:


Networking: The Mortgage Collective™ develops signature networking events designed to bring clients, colleagues and prospects together in a venue and atmosphere that promotes business relationships and industry connections.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership: The Mortgage Collective™ produces summits and forums for operational executives and senior leadership to expose and debate operational challenges and develop innovative solutions that disrupt conventional industry processes and expectations.

Solution Development

Solution Development: The Mortgage Collective™ connects like-minded companies to deliver comprehensive solutions to the mortgage banking, real estate, origination, loan servicing and default segments of our industry.

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